Nicole’s Corner: Who am I and Where am I Going?

For those of you who know me, you will know me as someone who likes to make lists, plan, and organize pretty much every possible aspect of her life. So, why, you might wonder, would someone like me agree to give up a life of (relative) predictability, routine, and structure? I’ve been pondering this very question myself and, after much deliberation, I can confidently tell you: I don’t know! Perhaps I am eager to find out how I will survive in situations that are beyond my control (e.g., “and you’ll be moving to [insert the name of pretty much any country] on [insert a near or distant date] and by the way, you might want to become fluent in [insert a relatively easy or difficult to learn language]”)? Perhaps it is the excitement I am seeking after all these years of living a structured life or maybe I am doing it for love (after all, John has only been talking about wanting to join the FS for the past 3 years…) or, perhaps, I am trying to figure out how I can raise a “global” son (hence, the name of this blog)? Well, I invite you to stay tuned to find out more about my life as a new mom and “FS spouse” in our adventures around the world.


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