The McDaniel Family Blog: Or, Who are these Bloggers Anyway?

Introductions first: Our son, Luca, was born May 7th, 2009 in Toronto, Canada and, at this point, has no idea that he’s going to be living and traveling around the world thanks to his dad’s new job with the US Foreign Service (FS). John will begin FS orientation in August in Washington DC so our family is preparing our first (of what will become many!) move in the next few weeks. And, of course, there’s me, Nicole, the wife and mom and currently the odd (wo)man out when it comes to gender and citizenship in our family!

Since we have friends and family spread out between two countries (US and Germany), we created this blog to keep everyone connected and updated.

A quick note on language: our “official” family language, i.e. the language that all 3 of us (will) speak is English but, of course, we’re happy to receive comments and posts in other languages (e.g., German). We might even post in other languages in the future to keep our readers on their toes! In any case, thanks for reading and welcome to our blog!


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