Toronto: Yay or Nay?

As we’re wrapping up our “2-year tour” of Toronto, here’s the obligatory list of things we will miss and not miss as well as those mysteries we still don’t understand…. Things we will miss the most aside from my work and how health research and social issues are viewed, addressed, and supported in Canada:

    • universal health care (this goes without saying…)


  • the following restaurants and cafes: Beer Bistro, Pain Perdu, Thobors Boulangerie
  • Niagara-on-the-Lake (a cute little town in Ontario’s wine region about 1.25 hours away)

Things we will not miss:

    • people’s lack of crowd management skills (my favorite example is people who seem completely startled upon reaching the turnstiles in the subway that they need to pay fare – so instead of stepping aside and not blocking the turnstile, they search through their bags for a metropass and hold up the line….arrghh)


  • winter lasting from October through April (it’s sad when you begin to wish for snow in February so that it will warm up!)
  • paying customs on international packages (yup, we learned that the hard way)
  • commuting to York University via public transportation (poor John stuck it out for 2 years….he never knew what to expect; it could take anywhere between 45 minutes and more than 2 hours)
  • relying on the TTC (and trying to understand mysteries such as the absence of an express lane in the subway, and how a little bit of snow can shut down the subway in Canada!)

Things we still don’t understand:

    • the popularity of children’s pull-along wagons (they might be popular in other places too; perhaps I am just being an over-protective mom, but these wagons just don’t seem safe for walks on busy streets)


  • the popularity of scooters as a form of transportation
  • how can be so vastly different from (oh how I missed online shopping in Canada…)


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