Yeehaw – the paperwork is here…

It’s here – the long-awaited paperwork and information packet from the State Department arrived in the mail…. Along with information on health insurance options, regulations on moving, and John’s employment letter, the packet included a few brochures of places of interest to those new to DC. So while John was busy reviewing the paperwork and signing his (well, our) life away, Luca and I were planning our trip to the National Aquarium (who wants to join us?).

Oh, and yes, the paperwork brought about one other big piece of news worth sharing… I am now (are you ready for this) a Texan… yes, I am still getting accustomed to this first major change in identity (it will become more real when I replace my NY driver’s license…until then, I’ll just have to continue practicing my two-steps and “y’all’s”) – next identity crisis is likely to happen beginning of August when I officially become a “stay-at-home-mom”…stay tuned.

And, just in case you were wondering if we have any more information in terms of when we’re moving etc (since we have the paperwork now) – the answer is no….we still don’t know – that information is part of another set of documents….


One thought on “Yeehaw – the paperwork is here…

  1. Texan?! Seriously???How could that happen…Anyways, I'm happy for you guys to leave the cold & rainy north (spent last WE in Montreal for the Jazz Festival) and come to the hot & humid East Cost (yes, I'm back in NYC)!And I'm in for the Aquarium – it's only a short bus ride away!!Take care,Julian

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