Checking in with the Mendocino

Luca (our mendocino) is 2 months old today and had a big doctor’s visit! We found out that our little guy has been growing strong – he’s now 11 lbs 10 oz (that’s almost 5kg) and measures 22.5 inches (57.1 cm)!

In other medical news, Luca also had his first round of vaccinations. He took it in stride with only a few loud cries and a red face to match (mommy appeared more upset) – luckily he slept it off most of the afternoon.

Here are before and after pictures – please also note Luca’s favorite object in the picture with me. He loves the elephant tapestry we bought in Laos and since he watches it intently all day long, we have put Luca in charge of making sure the elephant doesn’t move. The mendocino has been doing an excellent job as elephant guardian although he has been known to sleep on the job…

In other news, it looks more definite now that we will be leaving Toronto next week – when do you ask? Good question, my friend…we still don’t know.


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