Ready, set, pack: We’ve got a date!

So, it’s official (well, kind of) – our move to the DC area is set for July 20th (we’re still awaiting the official travel orders…). In case you’re wondering how this move is going to work, here’s the run-down:

The movers will pack up everything we own but we need to designate all of our stuff into 2 piles before they come over:

1) items to be sent to our furnished apartment in Northen Virginia (this is called UAB – unaccompanied air baggage although our stuff will not be in the air per se), and
2) items to be put in storage (this will be the majority of what we own).

To make moving more interesting, we’re also separating a third pile of items that we’re taking in the car with us since we’re driving to our new (temporary) home.

So, what does this mean for me? More lists of course! And, we’re also making use of another lifeline – my mom, who has plenty of moving and packing experience, will visit to help us get organized (hmm, her real incentive to visit may actually be Luca but she’s been selling the helping us move story pretty well)…


One thought on “Ready, set, pack: We’ve got a date!

  1. Hey John and Nicole (and Luca!)I love the blog idea and check it frequently-love the pics too! Luca is quite an adorable soon to be world traveler. We wish you all all the best in the adventure ahead and look forward to all the blog updates. I'm hoping we will also have a chance to see you while you're in dc! Good luck with all the packing!Tamer & Rania

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