Meet Javi – the “black sheep”

Every family has a “black sheep” – the person who gets the blame when things go wrong. We also have a black sheep…. His name is Javi. Actually his full name Javiar but that’s just way too long. And, he’s not a black sheep. He’s an orange monkey.

Javi contributes to all kinds of mischief in our family – he was the instigator of the “who can cry the loudest” campaign which Luca won hands down (John came in closely behind), and is known for causing very long hiccups spells. He was also responsible for my failed strawberry cake attempt. But, most importantly, he is to blame for Luca’s unhappiness of the past few days: we have strong evidence linking Javi to Luca’s pediatrician visit and believe he told the doctor to poke Luca, not once but twice, with a needle. Fortunately for everyone, the Mendocino is back to being the cute, little, happy baby we know!


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