It’s never too late to learn….

It’s interesting that there are some things you just don’t notice until you’re ready to move. For example, we found out yesterday that there is a post office much closer to our home than the one we had been using for the past 2 years…. And, this morning, we woke up at 5am not because of Luca (who’s been a wonderful little sleeper!) but because the smoke detector apparently needed new batteries right then and there! So, we developed this logical game plan: take out the batteries, go back to sleep, call the super at a reasonable time to change the batteries. Plan in place, we took out the batteries and went back to sleep only to wake up again a few minutes later to the same sound…. hm, mystified we studied the smoke detector, made sure that the batteries were really out, and went back to sleep… again, we woke up to the same sound… so, we just stayed up (now 3 of us were awake) and called the super to help us figure this mystery out (we were nice and waited until about 8am) …. of course, right before the super came over, we noticed that we have not one, but two (!), smoke detectors in the apartment – and yes, it was the second one (that we could not find because it was strategically placed close to the oher detector) which needed batteries…. oh, and yes, the “we” in this adventure consisted solely of John.


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