More mail…. This time a welcome letter specifying the details and logistics for John’s training. And for me. Yes, spouses have a separate orientation as well – which I honestly think is a wonderful idea so that we can meet the like-minded others who have decided to put their careers and lives aside to give our spouses the freedom to explore this crazy life called the foreign service (I can already see how introductions will work – right after “hello my name is…” the conversation will automatically shift to “so, why did you decide to do this?” As in, “what crazy story did your spouse tell you to get you to give up your life?”). Probably because of the work that I do (oh right, USED to do), I guess I was looking forward to the group therapy and bonding aspects of such a gathering – safety in numbers, right? Well, now after reading this (very nice) welcome letter, visiting some of the recommended internet links (that tell me how and where I can learn about posts abroad and deal with raising “global nomads” as children – a topic I am sure I’ll get to discuss at great length here), and making my way through the acronym puzzle which reminds me in case I’ve forgotten that my family is now an employee of the government, I am beginning to sweat. And I can’t seem to breathe or read my screen … yes, it’s looking more and more like my first meltdown. Are we really doing this?


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