A note on timing

In the past few weeks, we (ok, me!) have been very busy organizing our first pack out. We (yes, ok mainly me again!) have made lots of lists detailing what needs to be packed where and keeping track of remaining tasks like returning the cable box and cleaning out the fridge. For weeks now, we decided that we would “really” start organizing this weekend … in “Nicole-speak” this meant starting at least a week before we “planned” so that we can finish well before the movers arrive and enjoy a last weekend (yes, the German organizing genes are dominant in my gene pool!) …. surprisingly, though, this timeframe did not translate into John’s schedule of events (he prefers to leave things more or less to the last minute). Let’s just say we learned we need to discuss scheduling and moving logistics a bit more before our next move(s) … luckily we’ll get to repeat this situation plenty of times so we can “get it right!”


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