Back in the USA

We made it! Luca’s first big road trip and our first pack out are now events of the past. How did we get through the last few days in Toronto you ask? They are a bit of a blur at the moment but let’s just say that we’ve learned a few important lessons that will be useful for our next move (e.g., movers do show up 30 minutes before they’re supposed to so it might be a good idea to be done with laundry; if think you may have overpacked your UAB allowance, separate the items into piles A and B in case something needs to go into storage/household effects….). In any case, we’re happy to be settling in with dear friends who have graciously agreed to house us for a while since we now have no home to speak of (and I actually still don’t know our address in the DC area….perhaps I should try to remember this one since it comes in handy when people ask you where you’re moving!). I’ll post pictures from our exciting past few days soon.


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