Things Learned Day 1

It’s Day 1 of our new life – here’s a brief summary of lessons learned:

John: bureaucracy = time and patience (John was the last one in his class to receive his official ID which caused him to miss the shuttle home)

Nicole: In a surprising twist of events, Luca decided not to roll out the red carpet this morning to mark our first mommy-son day. This did not get me down, however, as I learned (repeatedly) to fold up the stroller, pack it into the car, move and install Luca’s car seat from one rental car to the next (which ironically turned out to be the one I was returning…), move Luca in and out of the car and stroller, drive (did I mention I now live in the suburbs?), navigate and duck aggressive DC drivers (seriously, there are signs warning against aggressive driving), and run errands (the list seems to be endless).

Luca: crying in a supermarket makes the wait shorter (a very nice woman ahead of us took pity with Luca [and probably me] and offered us her spot in the check-out line) – as if on cue, Luca stopped crying once we moved ahead …

Let’s see what Day 2 brings (other than our UAB shipment!)…


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