And now, a very cranky mendocino

It had to happen…. I hoped this day wouldn’t come but here it is … by far, Luca’s fussiest day has arrived. I know, he’s such a happy camper 99% of the time and always smiling (at least in the pictures I share) but today we went from meltdown to meltdown. So, what’s a SAHM to do? When Luca and I disagreed over nap time this morning, I tried the “let’s have a rational conversation about the importance of sleep” approach but, perhaps surprisingly, it didn’t work. After lunch when we again argued over nap time, we tried the “let’s just put you in the crib and wait a few minutes until you calm down and sleep approach” and that did, thankfully, work. When we came home from running errands this afternoon, Luca was (very understandably) in no mood to deal with his very full diaper (why are there no changing rooms at Target? I mean, they sell diapers and baby supplies). Changing his diaper (and outfit…yes, one of those!) only helped for a few minutes so then this SAHM got musical….that’s right – I got out the ipod and put on some tunes and sang and danced around with him in the apartment (let’s just hope there are no hidden cameras here otherwise you might just catch a glimpse of us on youtube!) – thanks to Michael Buble, I had a happy baby again but then when I (apparently mistakenly) called for an encore dedicated to Oma and Grand-mom, my rendition of Dancing Queen received no warm response. Now, we’re back to square one (meltdown) …. When does Daddy come home again?


3 thoughts on “And now, a very cranky mendocino

  1. Shocked that there was no changing area at Target. At ours, there is a pull-down changing table in the regular bathroom, as well as one in the special "family restroom".Kyle finally believes me when I tell him how busy my "days off" are. He used to wonder why I didn't accomplish more by the time he got home — now he understands! If I didn't have to go to work, I would NEVER have any time to myself!Hope Luca's bad mood passes soon (could just be "growing pains"). We are finally transitioning Andrew out of our bed — wish us luck!

  2. Good luck Bev with the transitioning! I am sending lots of positive energy…. yes, Luca has been in a better mood today and yesterday – I think they were growing pains and perhaps some teething pains too … poor little guy!

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