Mom, the Karaoke Star!

We’ve known for quite some time now that Luca LOVES music…. songs and singing are what calms Luca down (most of the time) when he’s having a rough day. So that’s why we have been updating our children’s song collection over the past few months and now have a remarkable inventory of songs in German, English, Spanish, Portuguese and I am sure a few other languages that I am forgetting. He definitely has his favorite tunes (e.g., 10 little monkeys, Nellie the Elephant, Du Da im Radio, Stups der kleine Osterhase) but there are some days when the over-repetitive songs are just too much for me to handle….so what’s a SAHM to do when Luca is in need for some music?

One word, my friend, KARAOKE…. that’s right. We brought our Karaoke DVDs with us so now when Luca needs a bit of singing and cuddling (and I have had it with the children’s songs), you can find me singing (and dancing) my heart out to the Spice Girls, Abba, Simon & Garfunkel…. and yes, Madonna. Despite my tone-deaf nature, it’s been quite refreshing to not get booed off the stage as has been my experience in Guitar Hero… let’s just hope that my very poor singing will not negatively affect Luca’s future singing abilities…


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