Field Trip to DC

After living here for almost 1 month, we finally made our first family trip into Washington DC. The forecast predicted a cool and rainy day so we bundled up accordingly, packed the rain gear, and headed east – it turned out to be (yet again) a hot and somewhat muggy day without rain (probably because we carried umbrellas and a stroller cover!) so we opted to stay in the air-conditioned home of the American History museum. I brushed up on my US history (necessary to become a US citizen….more on that later) and we also learned a few new things about pirates and whale ships (apparently, pirates never said “arrggh”…who would have guessed?). Some of us (ok, only me!) closely studied Julia Child’s kitchen and at least one of us found all this learning fatiguing…Oh, and yes – your screen is not misleading you – John’s new FSO look is facial hair free….

And yes – that’s right folks….ONE MORE DAY TIL FLAG DAY….!!! Stay tuned….


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