And the Flag for Sao Paulo goes to…

Check out the shirt Luca wore to Flag Day…. At Flag Day!

Whew…the news finally sank in. It’s been 24 hours since we found out we’re heading to Sao Paulo and we’re THRILLED! Yes, there was initial shock and surprise but here’s a list of things to look forward to in our new post:

– we’re going to BRAZIL!
– we’re moving to SOUTH AMERICA!
– we get to learn Portuguese
– no more snowy winters (good-bye snowboots and heavy winter jackets – hello shorts!)
– excellent food (some of the best fruits and juices known to (wo)man are from Brazil aside from, of course, the ever-famous rodizio restaurants….)
– we’re returning to urban life and this is one of the most densely populated places in the world (ok, so the traffic might be a drawback)
– and…. caipirinhas (need we say more?)

So – a few more thoughts on the Flag Day ceremony. It was conducted in the very “fancy” gym of the FS Institute (yes, in front of basketball hoops – the Department really went all out!) and aside from the FSOs, there was a good number of family members and friends present to share the excitement. And yes, the excitement (and anxiety) was definitely in the air! Luca and I stayed in the back row in case we needed to make a quick exit (either because Luca wanted a change of scenery – which fortunately did not happen…he was an excellent trooper during the entire ceremony – or in case John was posted to a place I didn’t want to got to 🙂 but fortunately, that did not happen either!). In previous years, the MC held up a flag and the audience had to shout out the name of the country it represented before the post and person going was announced. However, since there were almost 100 people in John’s class, the MC held up the flag and announced the post and person going….so not as much audience participation – more of a feeling of watching the Oscar’s (“and the person going to Sao Paulo is…”) without the acceptance speeches. All in all – it was over in an hour which is pretty amazing considering the number of posts and people.

After the ceremony, there was time for pictures and “congratulating” all the FSOs for their posting (although I still don’t understand why we said ‘congratulations’ – it’s not like anyone passed a test…) it was time to party. We dropped Luca off with a wonderful babysitter (who is also going to Sao Paulo next year) and we had our first evening out alone without the Mendocino since he was born. We met up with the rest of John’s class, had some drinks and some food and most importantly – a lot of fun! Luca also had a great time and was sound asleep when we came home….

So – what’s left for us to do until we leave? A LOT…I am already making new lists and trying to begin to understand moving logistics. And right, I need to learn a new language…. right….vamanos then (ah darn…that was the wrong one!)

4 thoughts on “And the Flag for Sao Paulo goes to…

  1. Congratulations John and Nicole. You'll have a wonderful time in Brazil. Hope we can see you in your new place in April next year. Wolfgang Schwerdle is getting married in Rio and we love to attend the wedding. Unfortunately we have to fly with TAM!!!!!Mom

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