Brazil here we come!

Yup – that’s right….we’re moving to São Paulo!!! Flag Day has passed and we are now in possession of a relatively small Brazilian flag along with a new folder sporting John’s name and new assignment. What was my reaction you ask…. well, honestly, I was in a state of surprise and shock – sure, we listed São Paulo but never really expected to get it as we had convinced ourselves we were heading to one of the many Mexican posts or to Santo Domingo (and I was secretly hoping for Brasilia) but then John’s name was called along with São Paulo…. so, São Paulo here we come! I have now had time to process our news and am truly very excited – so, yes there is the crime issue that makes the popular press (and me a bit worried) but hey, we’ve managed to live several years in NYC without ever having any sorts of problems so why should this be any different? And, did we mention – it’s BRAZIL???? So, time for me to start brushing up on my Portuguese… we’re scheduled to leave around March 2010….


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