Back to FS life

Ok, time to catch up on our FS/professional lives rather than focusing on how cute Luca is… so, this serves to answer some of our friends’ and family’s (burning) questions about what we’re doing these days and how we keep ourselves busy now that we know where we’re going:

As mentioned, John is now officially an FSO and completed his initial training. We’re scheduled to leave for Sao Paulo in March 2010 and until then, John is doing more training – language and consular training to be exact. He started this week with intensive Portuguese training and will be done at the end of the year. If you know John, you are probably well aware of the fact that this is by far the best thing that ever happened to him….he’s actually getting paid to study and learn a language (feel free to shout “nerd” as you’re reading this!). Needless to say, he’s been all smiles all week (or sorrisos as they say in Brazil… this is how I am learning the language at the moment…online dictionaries!). Once he’s finished with Portuguese, he moves on to General Consular training in the new year since he will be working in the consulate section in Sao Paulo.

So, this might beg the question of what I do all day…. well, I get to stay home and play and take care of Luca which is great and a lot of fun. As discussed in previous posts, I have also been restarting my singing career although my rendition of “Wide Open Spaces” was booed off the stage earlier today. On top of that, I get to “manage our little household” as I have now started a new project of reorganizing our paperwork to simplify moving around the world (don’t get me started on moving logistics and insurance…perhaps my next book will focus on these issues! Ok, yes, you can call me out on being an obsessively organized person right about now). And, I start my own language training next week – I’ll be doing an online course for the rest of the year and then take an intensive language course in January and February. Oh, and did I mention that I am starting up an old hobby again? That’s right…I will be hitting the tennis courts again next week…(which reminds me that I know exactly where the movers packed my very old tennis racket…it’s wrapped with our coffee table and is now in a container in a warehouse somewhere in Maryland…. yup… didn’t plan that one well or the fact that my sweaters and winterjacket are in that same little container….I am thinking I’ll be going for the layer look this winter here!).

Oh – and a quick little note on timing….by the time Luca turns 1, he will have lived in 3 different countries! Yes, a real globetrotter!


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