Getting ready for Brasil!

No, it’s not a typo – it’s Brasil we’re moving to – in Portuguese that is. It’s now been a little over 2 weeks since we found out we’re heading that far South and you might wonder how we have been preparing for our soon to be new home: Well, John has been living and thinking in Portuguese. He’s in language training now full time and still can’t believe that someone (well, actually your taxes!) is paying him to learn a new language! He’s been doing the “John way” of language immersion which means that aside from studying and speaking in class, he’s listening to Brazilian radio and reading the newspaper in Portuguese (what did people do before the internet?)… of course, he’s doing this at home and hopes that I will miraculously become fluent through the mere act of listening (ok, perhaps I am the one who’s hoping that this will be the case!). On top of that, we’ve also been preparing Luca for Brazil – John discovered a few very fun Brazilian children’s songs (e.g.,

Speaking of songs, Luca started music class this week in an effort to develop more rhythm than other men in our family [who shall remain nameless for the moment :-)] so that he can show his parents how to samba during carnival.

How am I preparing? By desperately trying to find time to study for my online language course and by reading my new “bible” – the Brazil Lonely Planet. I am not that far into it yet, (yes, I read travel guides from the beginning much to John’s entertainment – I am German after all and need that structure!) but I’ve already learned a great deal about the sucuri – the anaconda….they apparently do live in Brazil (I would guess not in Sao Paulo) and have some interesting mating behaviors (let’s just leave it at that…. ) – oh and speaking of animals, I’ve already successfully completed my first vocabulary lesson on animals so if I see any deer (veado) or cows (vaca) in Sao Paulo, I’ll be ready to stop what I am doing, point my finger, and perhaps correctly identify the moving object…. if it’s a sucuri I see, well, then there just might also be some screaming involved (note to self: need to learn the “emergency situation” vocabulary….)


3 thoughts on “Getting ready for Brasil!

  1. Hi there,As a new USAID FSO, I stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to say that your baby is adorable and you will love Brasil! My husband is Brazilian (from Sao Paulo), so I may be a bit biased. But seriously, congratulations and good luck. We're heading to our first post (Peru) around the same time you are.Cheers,Kristin

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