Getting ready part 2

With friends from out of town, Luca and I took another trip to the National Zoo yesterday….this time though, we were able to spend the (drum roll, please) entire day at the zoo (although Luca was quite audible for a good half hour when he was debating whether he should sleep or watch the elephant play – sleep eventually won). In an effort to keep our socializing time educational and to prepare us for our new soon-to-be home, we took this as an opportunity to learn about the Brazilian amazon and os peixes (fish).

In other news, John and I did the unthinkable…. we bought a car! Yup – aside from Luca’s stroller, this is officially our first “adult purchase.” (We even looked under the hood to formally “check” the car out…not that we know anything about cars but at least this little exercise assured that there is, in fact, an engine present!).

Is it the car we’ll be driving in Sao Paulo? Nope – our new little ride will only serve time to transport us from A to B during our stay in the US.

And, how exactly does this purchase relate to this blog entry? Ah…the car is a stick-shift! Yes, only Americans seem to love automatic transmission but the rest of the world values manual …. so what better way to prepare than to practice here? [So far, so good for me – I’ve managed to go several days without stalling and am really enjoying “driving” again….however, John has yet to drive our new toy but will be spending plenty of driving time in the parking lot over the weekend …if you’re in the metro DC area, you might want to watch where you’re going!]

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