1st round goes to Mommy

Ahh….Luca’s asleep for his first nap today! And….without struggle or fighting! Thanks to aunt Jennifer for her motherly wisdom (the key is quiet time i.e. reading one of our favorite books “Wenn kleine Tiere muede sind” and background noise to help Luca fall asleep). Speaking of background noise – for some odd reason, the only CD that managed to find its way from Toronto to DC is the Mama Mia soundtrack [the musical, not the movie which was …. well, bad] so aside from learning both English and German (and pretty soon Portuguese), Luca should also be able to sing Thank you for the music without problem once he graduates from making funny sounds to speaking…. good thing we’ll be getting a new children’s songs CD tomorrow during our music class!

And to answer the burning question as to what I am doing now that Luca’s asleep….brushing up my very rusty Portuguese so that I can sound somewhat coherent when I talk with my instructor later today – so, tchau then!


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