The week(end) in review…

Last week was somewhat of a rough week (hence my lack of postings). Luca went on a nap strike that left him overtired which translated into hour-long crying sessions (ok, so perhaps they were only 20 minutes but definitely seemed at least 4 times as long at the time) until he was able to fall asleep. This left me frustrated as I had to open my bag of tricks to hold, sing, dance, rock, talk, carry, cuddle, and walk him several times a day to help him fall asleep (not to mention with a sore back since there’s only so much holding and carrying you can do with a 15-pound weight!). Most of the time, all of my tricks failed which was not a lot of fun….The situation did not improve (for me) when Luca fell asleep without a problem once John was at home and cuddled him (argh) …. so we spent the weekend trying to “teach” Luca that naps are important (no matter who puts him down for nap time) – I guess we’ll see how successful we were during this week.

In other news, we did manage to have time for John to practice driving. He did very well and was able to take the car for a spin after only a few minutes of starting and stopping (the hardest part of driving a manual transmission). Ironically, it turned out that the most difficult aspect was actually starting the engine (note for future reference: simply turning the key in the ignition will not start the car, you need to hit the clutch too – apparently something I do automatically and failed to explain!)


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