How many PJs do you own?

Luca owns 11 PJs… and that’s just counting the ones he has already grown out of…(he can choose among 9 PJs at the moment and hopefully for the next few months). And speaking of counting, Luca has already grown out of 18 pairs of socks and can currently choose among 8 pairs.

How do I know this? Welcome to FS life… it was recommended to us a little while ago that it’s a good idea to have a household inventory of everything you own (yes, that is EVERYTHING you own so start counting those socks, khakis, shirts, along with computer and other electronics and of course, my sacred kitchenware that is now packed up somewhere in Maryland – well, it could theoretically be anywhere but we’d like to think our stuff is safe and securely stored in the Department warehouse). When you live a life in which you move every few years around the world and your stuff follows you those great distances, it’s not unusual that some boxes may get lost or damaged. I like to recall the story about the FSO who saw the container carrying ALL of his belongings fall into a harbor in Gabon (that’s in Africa) – you can imagine the mess (not just there but also insurance-related). So, for insurance purposes and for my own peace of mind (and yes, need for organization), I spent the past few weeks cataloguing our belongings and trying to recall what we placed into storage (that’s where those pictures I took of moving day came in handy!)…. so, I am happy to announced that I am done! My list is complete. It’s not that long surprisingly – most pages itemizing Luca’s PJ collection. So, on to the next task…. figuring out what an inter-American driver’s license is and how I can get one….


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