5 months today!

Time for a milestone update – Luca is 5 months old today! In some ways, it seems like just yesterday that he was born but our little guy is already 5 months old and we don’t really remember our lives before him!

Here is a brief update on what he’s been up to:
– he started rolling over back in August but that hasn’t impressed him much as he prefers to roll to his side and stay there. Although, he did roll over in his sleep and woke up on his tummy yesterday (we always put him down on his back), which utterly confused him.
– he’s learning to sit on his own and even managed to sit unsupported for a few seconds yesterday before tumbling over
– he still loves to smile, laugh, giggle, and coo especially when he sees people
– he’s a big fan of playing peek-a-boo and building towers with his building blocks and pushing them over
– he still loves playing in his jungle especially with his dragonfly, Cassandra
– he stopped complaining about wearing hats just in time for the cooler weather
– he’s been sleeping through the night since he was 8 weeks old and we THANK him dearly for that!

And, to answer your questions, nap-training seems to have been successful: he usually takes 3 naps a day (45 minutes) at pretty regular times (he apparently inherited my need for schedules and structure!) – when we come back from our trip to Germany in November, we’ll work on taking only 2 (hopefully longer) naps per day.


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