Learning to sit and Mom on strike

Yes, Luca’s sitting skills are improving by the day! He can even manage to balance himself long enough now for me to take some pictures!

And yes, you read correctly….I am on strike….no, not from the staying at home gig I have going on but from the larger “family administrator” position. We have had our fair share of car issues to deal with since we moved to DC (no, make that I have been dealing with all of them) and now we are dealing with getting our car registered in VA. It appears simple enough as we bought the car in VA, it passed all inspections, and our car dealer volunteered to take the trip to the DMV for us. Sounds too good to be true? Well – that’s because it is. Our car dealer made that promise a month ago when we bought the car and hasn’t had “time” to get us our regular plates. With our temporary plates expiring tomorrow, I have made several trips to the dealer and after more promises, I was assured that he would register it today. Well, two more trips to the car dealer later (in the cold and rain), we learned that he cannot register our car since we are out-of-state people (and in John’s case, out-of-the-country since he sports an Ontario driver’s license).

What’s the back-up plan, you might wonder… I should take a trip to the DMV….the problem (aside from the fact that I have had more than a fair share of car issues to deal with)? The car is purchased only in John’s name and I have been warned by several people that when you visit the DMV, you will a) be guaranteed to wait a long time (I can see this being very exciting for a 5-month old) and b) most likely deal with very bureucratic issues particularly pertaining to names, out-of-state licenses, and residency.

My solution? Making John the lucky winner of today’s grand prize….a trip to the DMV. Perhaps surprisingly, John tried to talk himself out of this fun little excursion but I made my case, stood strong, and did not take ‘no’ for an answer. When should he do this, you might ask? Well, the State Department recognizes that FSOs have to deal with administrative issues and accomodates training schedules so that there is a free afternoon every couple of weeks. Ok, so State probably thought FSOs should use that time to apply for those diplomatic passports, research posts, or study, but hey, it’s not called an “administrative day” for nothing if you ask me! Oh, and yes, I bet John regrets ever mentioning these “free” afternoons to me!


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