Moving on to other food sources…

Luca made the big leap today….That’s right – he had his first experience with “solid” food. Since Luca has been actively interested in other people’s food and drinks (particularly coffee cups and beer bottles seem to spark his interest – he definitely inherited those German genes), we thought it was time to find out how he enjoys rice cereal. Initially, I thought it would be a small victory if he ate a little spoonful but it seems that grand-mom was right on the money when she suggested to make a bit more in case he liked it. And boy, did he like it! He devoured his meal down to the last little bit (I was actually wondering whether we should make more!) and was already trying to figure out how to get the spoon into his mouth himself (and how to get both of his hands into the bowl). Yes, it was messy but it was lots of fun to see him get so excited about alternative food sources!


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