Up’s & Down’s

Whew…it’s been a crazy couple of days with some up’s and down’s along the way.

– John had a successful visit at the DMV today and we now have VA license plates on our car! Was it an easy process? Not at all – seems like John had to put his “diplomatic” skills to the test…(followed by his mechanical skills of actually screwing the license plates onto the car…and then deciphering if we were supposed to have 1 or 2 license plates)
– John & Luca are now official on paper…yup, they are each in possession of a diplomatic passport. Will they be receiving special treatment at the airport? Only time will tell…. What about me? Well, my passport remains red (European Union) for the time being but that is likely to change once my paperwork gets processed (dare I say it?)

– our apartment complex lost power yesterday evening (no lights or hot water from 8:30pm until 1:30pm today)
– did I mention this also means no elevator?
– did I mention that we live on the top floor? (yes, that was a total of 2 roundtrips of carrying Luca, a backpack, and a small stroller up and down 7 flights of stairs…needless to say, I hurt right now. However, a big THANK YOU to aunt Jennifer for passing down her light-weight stroller…Luca looked mighty comfy in it and it was definitely a life safer!)
– on the upside – we’ve learned from power outages in the past (remember the NYC/northeast power outage of 2003? Yeah, we were among the few other millions of people walking home several hours), that you get to bond with your neighbors during times of darkness – so we spent last night hanging out in the hallway (the only source of light) with our neighbors and drinking beers (you know, so they won’t go bad)… all in all, it turned out to a fun night…

In other news, Luca seems not to be so excited about his rice cereal anymore (there have been some recent protests). But, tomorrow is a new day…and a new time for rice cereal…


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