New idea….

Hm, there are bibs for babies….but why are there no bibs for mommies feeding babies? I think lap-bibs are a missing and much needed commodity. Just take a look at my pants….yup, that’s oatmeal….and it also landed on my shirt and on the couch…(I guess that’s why highchairs are so popular since they contain the mess!).
We moved on to oatmeal yesterday, which Luca loved initially although he wasn’t so excited about it today. And, in the past week, I learned that his initial rejection of cereal wasn’t the food….it was the bumbo seat in which he was sitting when I was feeding him. Since he’s still a little unsteady on our high chair, I’ve been feeding him on my lap. All in all, we can safely say that we have about 50% success rate of food actually ending up in Luca’s mouth….the rest? Well, you get the picture…

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