The doctor is in

New milestone today….Luca’s first fever. He’s been coughing and sneezing off and on for about 2 weeks and after several repeated phone calls to the pediatrician, I was told not to worry unless he has a fever and to invest in a humidifier. So we purchased a cute little humidifier that matches Luca’s Halloween costume (any guesses yet?) but he woke up very congested last night and couldn’t get back to sleep. Since Luca is usually a great sleeper at night, I knew something was wrong so being the doctor that I am (ok, so I am a different type of doctor….technicalities if you ask me…), I set up camp in the Mendocino’s room after spending about 2 hours getting him back to sleep. Sure enough, he had a fever this morning so I bundled us both up and drove to the pediatrician’s office. Why call for an appointment if I can just stop by with the sick person in tow I thought…. Well, let’s just say that the receptionist was not impressed by my motherhood skills of showing up without an appointment (after all, they are NOT a clinic, I was told repeatedly….which is exactly what I wanted to hear this morning after a long night…). In any case, the pediatrician was very understanding and took a good look at our little guy. She ruled out an ear infection and the flu but wants us to keep a close eye on his temperature (and yes, I have been chasing him with the thermometer – I did mention that the doctor is in, right?).

Since he was in desperate need of a long nap (and I was in desperate need for some quiet time) after our long night and morning, I took Luca for a 2-hour walk in the beautiful autumn sun…. he sounds a bit better now although he’s still congested and after an unexpected nap on my side (nursing is soporific it seems), we’re both happier and refreshed…

And yes, the countdown to Luca’s first plane ride is on….we’re leaving Tuesday night. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he’s feeling better by then!


One thought on “The doctor is in

  1. Aww, poor baby! Mischa and Andrew have been having a similar bug this week — coughing, congestion, fever. Andrew's not that bad, but I'm just hoping it doesn't get any worse!Hope little Luca feels better soon — I can't wait to see him in costume!

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