To Germany and back

It’s official – Luca is a world traveler. We returned from our trip to Germany yesterday afternoon and apparently brought the “lovely” cold and rainy weather home with us. The trip was a bit of a whirlwind…we weren’t quite sure if we would actually be able to go as I had unplanned oral surgery the day before we left (let’s just say that excruciating tooth aches are not fun at 2:30am) and Luca’s cough turned worse so we had a few consultations with our pediatrician to rule out pneumonia and other fun medical conditions to “clear” us for flying. In any case, both of us ended up able to go along with filled prescriptions of antibiotics.

Luca did excellent on both flights although we certainly didn’t make any friends the first 30 minutes of our first flight (Luca was sure to make his presence heard). But, we arrived well rested (even I ended up getting more sleep than I had anticipated) and Luca received a “first flight certificate” from the pilot when we left the plane. We had a good time in Germany meeting friends and family and Luca did surprisingly well with the time change although it seems that coming back to the US is going to be more difficult. As you know, Oma passed away a few days before we arrived in Germany so unfortunately our trip was not as much fun as we had intended but we were nevertheless glad to be at the funeral and remember Oma.
And how did John survive without us? Good it seems – he was able to catch up on sleep as he was also sick before we left (and then up with Luca and me when Luca was sick at night…) … so now John is on the night-shift as Luca is adapting to US time (it only seems fair…I like sleep too). In other news – Germany seems to have had a positive effect on Luca’s hair growth…

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