6 months!

Yup – the Mendocino is growing up. He had his 6-month check-up today and he’s doing great. His height and head circumference are right on track but he’s still a little skinny (15 pounds, 7 ounces or a little more than 7 kg). However, considering how much he’s loving his carrots and cereal, we don’t think this will be an issue for much longer (I did mention that he’s eating like his dad, right?). Along with the doctor’s visit were also the next round of shots PLUS two flu shots (yes, Luca was vaccinated against H1N1 in addition to the seasonal flu – all in all 4 needles, yikes! Why did we vaccinate against all this you ask? Well, we live in a pretty densely populated apartment complex with lots of kids who Luca regularly interacts with). He took the shots more or less “in stride” (ok, so there was lots of screaming involved but who wouldn’t be upset by being poked 4 times?). In any case, he calmed down quickly (thank you, Tylenol) and managed to have a fun rest of the day.

Here’s a list of some of his favorite activities these days:

– playing peek-a-boo
– taking baths – he starts giggling when we bring him into his bathroom and take off his clothes
– talking up a storm (lots of “ok’s”, “ggg’s” and a few other sounds)
– smiling on cue when you pull out a camera
– building towers and knocking them down (ok, so we are the ones actually building the towers)
– sitting – it’s so much better than lying on the floor
– standing – it’s so much better than sitting

Next up: more veggies (going green…peas!) and grand-mom and grand-dad’s visit!


One thought on “6 months!

  1. OMG, how is he 6 months already?!We took Andrew and Mischa to the ped yesterday too — shots are way easier when you can bribe them with candy!

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