Routine? What’s that?

It’s been a very busy month for us between our trip to Germany and having family visit us in DC. But first, to answer any burning questions – Tiago was indeed a success! We enjoyed spending Thanksgiving with John’s sister and her family and were certainly not left hungry with plenty of turkey to go around, and oh yes, pumpkin pie…

But now – back to some sort of a structured reality….These past few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind for all of us and I am happy that Luca has adapted (more or less) to our crazy and unstructured life. Ok, so we had a number of sleepless nights and some cranky outbursts (there was one quick exit from the Air & Space Hangar and a few other occasions that I conveniently forgot). But now, back to routine and structure (yes, I am still German after all) – in the fairness of keeping me on my toes, Luca has gone back to his earlier (pre-Germany) napping schedule of taking a predictable 3 naps a day lasting anywhere between 30-60 minutes (more often it’s 40 minutes to the minute and then there have been a few bonus 10-minute naps as well which my day just much more exciting!)…. this makes for some interesting days as I can’t really seem to get anything done (e.g., return phone calls! When do moms have time for this?) and running errands needs to be precisely timed. In other news, Luca has moved on to fruits (pears and plums) but nothing beats his love for sweet potatoes and carrots….


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