The countdown has begun

Yes, we have a (preliminary) date to head South (don’t pen it in your planner just yet as it’s subject to change – we all know that life in the FS brings these types of uncertainties). Drum roll please…. on or around March 10, 2010 our little family will be making its way South of the equator to continue our FS adventures. The countdown (check the right side of the blog) tells me that this is less than 100 days away and that seems very soon – too soon in some ways (as in, seriously, you expect me to be fluent in Portuguese by then so that I can comfortably shop, eat out, get a hair cut, and go to the dentist without risking sporting a purple mohawk and a toothless smile?).

What else needs to happen until then? Well, we have a pretty long shopping list to which we seem to be adding daily (ok, so it’s mainly me who’s adding items and starting to organize as John still lives in oblivion where these types of major moves magically organize themselves overnight….). Am I getting stressed? NO!! Of course not, I have it all under control….ok, so I do seem to have random insights into what still needs to happen like take last night, for instance. We were watching a movie when I suddenly realized that we only brought 2 suitcases with us to DC (along with all of our other stuff, we could only fit 2 into the car). On our flight South, however, we can take up to 6 and considering that there are 3 of us (including a short person who somehow demands more space and luggage than John and I combined), we now need to add suitcases to our shopping list….ah, the things you learn in this type of life (like, if you’re planning on moving around a lot, it might make sense to bring your luggage with you…). Anyway, so March it is….that gives John about 3 weeks to figure out how to wow me Brazilian style on my first birthday in Brazil (and it will give us about 2 months to plan Luca’s first birthday bash!). Ok, back to making my lists and checking them twice…


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