Lots of first’s this year…

We had our first snow in DC this past weekend and Luca was bundled up and ready to play in the cold weather. As we warm up with the beginning of “tea season” in DC, here’s a list of the many “first” experiences of 2009:

– we’re first-time parents (and yes, we’re still figuring this parenting thing out!)
– we survived our first move to DC (there will be plenty more I am told)
– we also survived flag day and our first post assignment (yes, there too shall be more)
– this is really the first time that we are living outside of our urban comfort zone (not for long though…)
– our apartment in DC came with our first microwave (yes, you can comfortably live without one….I know it’s a mystery to some of you)
– we bought our first car!

…and now this….

– we have our first Christmas tree! Ok, so it’s not an entire tree per se but it’s green, alive, festive, and decorated and in our living room….


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