Got Milk?

Uhm….no. Not anymore – well, maybe a little but I am happy to report that Luca is officially weaned! That’s right….the milk bar has closed. After many initial problems and a “fun” little battle with thrush, I achieved our goal of breastfeeding Luca beyond his first 6 months (yes, there were initial debates if I would even make it to 6 days so this is big news!). Weaning turned out to be much easier than I had anticipated and Luca made it quite clear (perhaps a little too soon for me!) that he would like the bottle NOW please! He’s also been doing great on expanding his curiosity for solid vegetables and fruits – he’s munching them away and every now and then shows a cute little dislike in the form of shivering particularly when he’s faced with prunes…. Yes, he’s even managed to learn to like peas and green beans! In other food news – John and I can now comfortably cook Lebanese food as well after having lots of fun at a cooking class last night!


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