Explorations with food

You’ve heard stories of kids who only eat chicken fingers and french fries (and roll your eyes at parents who cave in to serving only what their kids will eat) and you (quietly) think to yourself “I will do my hardest to make sure my child will eat everything that’s being served – my kids will learn to enjoy all types of food” … yeah…that sounds MUCH easier before you have a baby that’s discovering solid foods!

No, don’t get me wrong – Luca is a great eater. He’s eating everything we give him (yes, including peas and green beans which he seems to love now…) as long as it comes out of a little jar. Yes, back in the day, I thought I was going to be the super-mom who spends her “free” time in the kitchen preparing healthy home-cooked baby food but then reality set in and I came to love the convenience of commercially available baby food. But, in an effort to expose Luca to some other foods of the non-pureed form, we tried giving him mashed banana a few nights ago. Even better than that, we thought “let’s encourage him to play with it” by putting some pieces and chunks on his tray and letting him discover this fine and healthy food by himself….yes, he discovered it, played with it (banana everywhere) but much to our shock – he did NOT put any of the pieces into his mouth! Yes, this is the child who will put anything into his mouth (socks, other people’s fingers and toes, toys, you name it…)…but not the actual food that he’s supposed to…

Ok, so we moved on to a new plan – feeding banana pieces…Let’s just say that this was a moment we wished we had on video. No, Luca did NOT like the real banana at all – he started gagging and spitting it out as soon as it went in (but of course, he LOVES the pureed banana out of the jar). We tried several more times (banana alone and mixed with pureed food) and it’s been coming back out every time. The same was true for the avocado we served up last night…. so, food adventures continue in our little household and after reading somewhere that babies need to be exposed to a food 10-14 times before growing to like it, I feel more hopeful. If I calculated correctly, this will leave 13 more attempts for avocado and 10 more for banana…. if all fail, John and I will be eating lots of guacamole and banana bread!


One thought on “Explorations with food

  1. OMG, I could have written this post word-for-word about 18 months ago! I still have guilt about serving Andrew pre-packaged "toddler meals" from time to time, but sometimes it's the only way to guarantee that he eats a balanced meal!

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