Silent protest & eu falo portugues (kind of)

I must have blogged too soon…. after a fantastic eating week (i.e. food out of the jar!), Luca discovered yesterday that if he keeps his mouth tightly shut, I cannot give him food he doesn’t want (peas are on the “do not eat list” again apparently as is chicken). He does this silently without muttering a word….a true silent protest (I’ll take that over the crying game any day!).

In other news, I (somewhat) successfully completed my long-distance Portuguese class. It’s been a great class where students do all of the work on their own via an interactive CD-rom and then you speak once a week with an instructor one-on-one. So, for stay-at-home people like me, this is a pretty neat idea. Except of course – the fact that speaking with someone over the phone in a language you’re still learning is far more difficult than talking face-to-face. This has led to some interesting conversations in the past few weeks. For one, my instructor is under the impression that John has been to China several times and knows the country and language quite well (yup, that is not at all true!). This happens when you don’t know how to say what you’re trying to say so you settle to discuss things for which you know the vocabulary…. let’s just hope that John has sufficiently brushed up on his Chinese knowledge in time for the Portuguese department holiday party next week….


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