Parabens, John!

Yes – we have reason to celebrate ….. congratulations to John! Today John had his language assessment for Portuguese as he has now completed his language training. It’s a 2-hour assessment and John was expected to be at a 3 (speaking)/3 (reading) level. John passed without a problem (was there ever any doubt?) and in non-numeric and non-FSI speak, this means that John now has “professional working proficiency” of the Portuguese language and is ready to ship to post once he completes his next round of training (consular) early next year. As coincidence will have it, John’s examiner was my language instructor who fortunately did not drill him on his (lack of) knowledge of Chinese culture!

After John’s exam, it was time for the Romance-language department holiday party where I met my instructor (and John’s examiner!) for the first time in person. As to be expected, it was a lively and fun event (something that’s bound to happen when you get a bunch of Brazilians and Italians in the same room….and oh yes, did I mention there was food?). To add to the entertainment, all of the students gave “presentations” – anything from reading poems to singing songs in their language of study and Luca greatly enjoyed listening to his dad’s version of a classic Brazilian Christmas song (where is the camera when you need it?). Here’s a link to John’s song

Tomorrow we’re heading South to spend our last Christmas in the US with John’s family….in the meantime, we wish our readers happy holidays and a great start into 2010!


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