A decade in the life of …

Happy new year! Since we’re starting a new decade , I thought it would be fun to revisit some of our little family’s adventures and milestones of the previous decade (I saw this on a friend’s blog and thought this might be a fun way of spending an evening) – and given the fact that John and I met almost a decade ago (yes, I feel old now), the timing works well….so here we go:

I move to NYC for grad school. John already lives in the Big Apple where he is a very “serious” law student (feel free to laugh out loud here!) by day and expert pub crawler at night. We meet and my dreams of being single in the city lie quickly in the past.

We officially start travelling together: we spend Carnevale in Italy with dear friends; I visit my future home state of Texas and realize that everything (food-related!) is bigger in TX, and John spends some time brushing up on his German on his first trip to meet my family.

We move in together and leave the island….yes, we become Brooklynites (oh, how I miss our cute little apartment and neighborhood!) and never look back at leaving Manhattan. John graduates law school and officially becomes an attorney, I finish my MA and continue working in homelessness prevention research, and we decide to take the road less travelled for the first time….and spend 6 weeks travelling around Southeast Asia (too many memories and impressions to list here).

I decide I need to go back to school and ponder the ever-recurring question of “what should I do with my life?” John continues to be an attorney but realizes quickly that it’s not the profession for him… we go back to Southeast Asia and there was something else…oh right…we decide it’s time to get married and got engaged!

We get hitched! Travelling continues – honeymoon in Malta (50 bonus points if you can find it on a map!), Argentina for Christmas.

Hm…what did we do that year? Oh right, attend lots of weddings as our friends caught on to the marrying idea…John starts thinking about other career options and the FS catches his eye but I pretend this doesn’t happen (because seriously, what spouse in their right mind would want to uproot her life by following her partner around the world?)

We’re getting tired of NYC and John’s ever increasing work hours and decide it’s time to move on. This turns out to be good timing as I am wrapping up graduate school (again) so both of us start looking for jobs. This turns out to be more challenging than we thought.

I finish my PhD and job searches continue…we spend at least one defeated night at a pub trying to figure out how two smart people can’t seem to find a job that they would like. Then, good news – I get a job offer in Canada and we pack up and move North. John is happy to leave the law world behind and now decides that he needs to go back to school (it’s only fair as I spent the past 4 years doing that in NYC while he worked).

We’re in Canada and loving everything but the winter (which unfortunately seems to consume many months of the year). John spends the summer in Nicaragua and Argentina for a school-required work term. I visit and we come back with the Mendocino. John is now set on the FS idea after passing not only the written but also the oral examination and I am still not sold on the idea.

The very exciting arrival of the Mendocino (our son for the new blog readers and no, that’s not his real name!) is followed by a notice that we pass security clearance. John now has an offical job offer as an FSO and we decide to (once again) take the road less travelled and dive into the chaotic circus world known as the Foreign Service. We move to DC and…well, you can read the blog archives for the rest.

Whew….so that was the decade in review – and congratulate yourself if you’ve gotten this far in this entry without skipping ahead (and give yourself a pat on the shoulder and an extra 25 bonus points!)…what’s in store for us over the next 10 years? Who is to know!?! As far as we can tell, we just barely have our next 2 years planned out ahead of us and quite a bit of that time will be spent with learning Portuguese and getting to know Brazil! And, I am also sure that quite a bit of that time will be spent by a toddler telling us “no” in 3 different languages….


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