More "milestones"

More changes in our household! First off, Luca figured out how to drink from a sippy cup! Yes, I know – you probably think this is the most mundane accomplishment but after testing several of these cups and trying to “teach” a baby how to get anything out of them, I am absolutely amazed that kids are able to figure them out…. (and yes, Luca sports a real mohawk these days…all without a single drop of hair gel!)

In other news – it’s back to school/work time for us! Yes….US….I start language orientation tomorrow for my “real” (as is face-to-face) Portuguese course. Will I remember anything I studied in the past few months? I sure hope so but there’s no guarantee…if all fails, I’ll just break into one of Luca’s Portuguese children’s songs that John has been playing repeatedly….


2 thoughts on “More "milestones"

  1. I miss you guys already! Great accomplishment by Luca! Andrew used a sippy right away, but didn't figure out the ones with straws until he was almost 1!

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