Our first day…and antibiotics again…

Today was Luca’s first day at daycare and he did fantastic! He didn’t seem terribly upset when we left and although we were warned that he may not nap since he is in a new place, he showed us wrong and faithfully held to his eating/napping/playing schedule (did I mention that he must have inherited my German genes?)… unfortunately, he is also back on antibiotics… he’s had a cold for about a week now and I wasn’t overly concerned (no fever) until his eyes started getting teary and gooey over the weekend. A visit with the pediatrician this afternoon (yes, I called ahead of time because you can’t just show up there as my faithful readers will know) confirmed what I expected….ear infections (yes, plural…as in both ears). He’s in good spirits though and getting used to getting eye drops and antibiotics again (new parents should really get some training in medical maneuvers….have you ever tried giving a baby eye drops? It’s not pretty). This means that I get to spend another day at home with Luca tomorrow before he can safely return to daycare….

And, how was my first day? Well….a bit underwhelming – today and tomorrow are orientation days so I “enjoyed” listening to one lecture after another on languages and logistics of the course…. on the upside, I met my classmates (all 3 of them so yes, people will know when “the dog ate the homework”) and now have an official State Department email address so that makes me feel very important.


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