Paging Dr. Mom

7:40 – drop Luca off at daycare; he is a bit upset to see us go [not usual for him]; we think it’s because we stayed longer than we usually do and go on our merry ways to consular training (John) and to a aula de portugues (me and yes…I know…the accents don’t seem to work here and it’s driving me crazy).
8:00 – I start class and am engaged in a relatively “lively” conversation with my fellow students in Portuguese or something loosely resembling that language
8:30 – daycare calls; Luca’s gooey eyes have returned and they are worried it might be pinkeye
8:32 – I call Luca’s doctor; she can see us right away (you know you can’t just show up there)
8:40 – back at daycare; a very excited Mendocino is happy to see me; and yes, I can see the gooey eyes
9:00 – at doctor’s office….waiting while Luca naps (oh, how predictable his naps have come to be!)….then good news – it’s not pink eye; then bad news – ear infections (yes, plural) are still present (as in, the previous course of antibiotics which Luca finished earlier in the morning were not successful)… so, he’s back on antibiotics and I am back again in the Dr. business of administering medications to a squirmy baby (note to self: refuse the liquid antibiotics the next time around – they are messy – get the ones you can crush up and mix into food instead!)

Spending the rest of the day at home with the Mendocino while conjugating Portuguese verbs….priceless!


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