Being on the ‘other’ side of things

Time seems to be flying by lately so apologies for my sparse postings… why do we suddenly seem to have dropped off the planet, you might wonder…. well, you try balancing all-day language training with parenthood, household, school-work (that darn homework!), and well…life – it’s no easy feat especially when you’re also trying to get in some extra work-time from a time (and life!) long ago…but I digress – so let’s move on to some real updates:

– it’s true…we (well… Luca) have a tooth! Why no picture, you wonder? Well, let’s just say that the tooth has arrived but it’s still a bit too small to be actually seen on camera when Luca smiles….but pictures will follow.

– Luca has also been (mostly) happily going to daycare while I am in training and at the end of each day, we get a report of what he’s been up to all day and how his mood has been. For the past 2 weeks, he’s been a very happy little camper but today, he received his first “VERY cranky” marking (and no, I did not add emphasis here….the report said he was VERY cranky). Apparently, he didn’t want to sleep or be happy and playful which is something I experienced periodically when it was just the two of us at home. Of course, Luca would turn into the happiest kid once John came home from work (which left John questioning my complaining about a long and difficult day with this cute, happy, and lovable bundle of smiling joy…) – well, I am somewhat happy to report that today, I was fortunate to be on the other side…yes, as soon as we picked Luca up, he turned his smile on and didn’t take it off until he went to bed this evening (oh, I feel so vindicated!) – I guess we’ll see what tomorrow brings!

Speaking of being on the other side of things, I spent some time researching our soon-to-be-home for a class presentation. Aside from discussing all the wonderful things Sao Paulo has to offer (i.e. culture, population diversity etc), I wanted to share some pictures (at the top here) that I showed to my classmates as they speak more than words about existing inequalities in Brazilian society. There is also an interesting video on favelas in Sao Paulo on this link:

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