Show me the tooth…

Finally some pictures of Luca’s first tooth – although it’s still pretty difficult to see it here.

Yes, he’s still a happy camper most of the time, but heaven forbid Mommy leaves the room for one minute or is in the same room and not paying her full and undivided attention to his highness! And, after (successfully) spreading his germs to his playfriends (and at least one adult who apparently can also get ear infections …who knew?), he is finally infection free!

In other news, we’re about 40 days away from heading South….well, after we head North that is. John will need to do some consultation work in NYC before starting his post in Sao Paulo so we’re taking a little detour to NYC before we begin our life South of the Equator. Is it time for me to freak out yet? Ah….it’s getting close! On the upside, my to-do and shopping lists have been getting shorter but on the downside, I am still exhibiting a bit of the ‘deer in the headlight’ phenomenon when I respond to a question in Portuguese.

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