Uhm…John? The kitchen’s on fire!

Yes, you read correctly – I set the kitchen on fire last night. And yes, I mean flames and all…and no, luckily no one was hurt (Luca slept through the excitement) and thankfully the smoke alarm didn’t go off and no one had to evacuate the building because of me. I guess it’s fair to say that this weekend hasn’t been the best to show off my cooking skills (I burned pesto the day before….someone really should ban me from the kitchen … perhaps I am trying to get ahead of myself as I am reading “My life in France” by Julia Child, who was also a diplomat’s wife, although I am sure she never set her kitchen on fire).

Anyway, here are our lessons learned:
– don’t set parchment paper on cookie sheets to cool in close proximity to a hot burner (I know…duh!)
– roasted butternut squash seeds can withstand a little extra torching (can you say extra crunchy?)
– improve communication skills for quick action in times of distress. Let me explain….John was watching Brazilian TV with his headphones on during my crisis so imagine me running around the kitchen like a mad woman trying to 1) make sense of what’s happening and 2) figure out what to do next as I draw a complete blank and the only thing coming to mind was the ‘stop, drop, and roll’ maneuver which didn’t seem appropriate just yet. Our dialogue went something like this: Uhm….John [no response, John stares at his laptop]….John…[still no answer, these telenovelas seem to be fascinating works of entertainment] …JOHN [his head turns to me – eyes go big]….the kitchen’s on fire! [finally a response! And just the one I wanted to hear as he’s running to my rescue: wow – how did you manage to do that?]

Long story short – we made it; the kitchen survived (no damage done!); the food stood the test of fire (excellent butternut squash stew with some crunchy seeds); and hey – it’s Oakwood…


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