Snowmageddon…day 5

Ok…there it is…I have succumbed to pop media and called it what it is…snowmageddon. It’s unbelievable – I am not sure I have ever seen this much snow during a single storm and mind you, we lived in Canada …. Now for the stats: we had 20+ inches over the weekend (that’s about 1+ hour of digging out the car = a good husband task as it turned out to be) and now it’s snowing again with another 10-20 inches on the way. Oh, and federal government has been closed since Monday so that’s now a total of 4 snow days that we have had in our 7 months of living in DC (compare that to the 0 snow days we had while living in Toronto for 2 years).

So with offices closed and nowhere to go, we have been stuck indoors, more or less, since Friday. How have we kept ourselves busy? LOTS of get-togethers with friends (dinners, parties, board game afternoons…) but there are only so many toys to entertain the little ones….so when a friend and I realized we would be stuck indoors for a few more days, we battled the snow (and bad drivers) to a favorite thrift store to stock up on toys….and that we did much to Luca’s entertainment (he was so excited about his new toy that he alternately danced, giggled, laughed, and clapped his hands….I can’t wait to show him his other toys tomorrow!)!

In other Luca news, he is now 27.5 inches long (almost 70cm or just a bit taller than the piles of snow outside) and weighs 19.5 lbs (8.8 kg). He is also the lucky winner (again) of a (thankfully) mild ear infection…

And since he is now 9 months old, here are some his favorite activities:
– clap his hands especially when you sing “if you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands” (although that doesn’t work to cheer him up when he gets shots) or when mommy or daddy get him out of the crib
– walk (and run) with the help of a walker or someone’s hands (yet he still refuses to crawl)
– eat anything that mommy and daddy eat
– say “da da” which so does not mean “daddy” (no matter what John says!)


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