Snow Day 6: Cabin Fever Strikes despite Cute Toys

Cabin fever hit yesterday as we were, yet again, stuck indoors for a 6th straight day due to blizzard conditions (40-60 mph winds plus more snow and 0 visibility – DC has seen 50+ inches of snow since last week…a new record). And yes, we are still home today (i.e. Day 7 of the storm or the 4h consecutive snow day for federal government employees) but luckily the sun is out today and we were able to leave the complex for a fun family lunch where Luca munched away happily on chicken and vegetable stir fry (the real deal, not the one out of the jar!). He is getting to be a great eater of table foods and some of his favorites include: yoghurt, tomatoe, brocoli, corn, rice, pasta, bread, and of course, cheerios.

Above is a picture of one of Luca’s favorite new toys, a Lion wagon & walker that (of course) roars (the best $3 spent at the thrift store if you ask me!) – no, he’s still not crawling but getting pretty good and quick on his feet!


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