Um, dois, tres….

That’s right….Luca now has 3 teeth (although one of the top ones is difficult to see here).

Why the lack of recent posts, you might wonder? Well, check the countdown to Brazil on the left here – we’re moving SOON!!! This means there is so much to do i.e. shopping, shopping, shopping and dealing with fun moving logistics like the fact that we cannot pack any toys in the quicker air shipment.

In other news, we have also had our first case of complete family illness…. first John was sick a few weeks ago, then it hit Luca (and yes, there was vomit….of course all over me – the joys of motherhood lesson 148), and I was struck yesterday and today… fortunately, Luca was feeling much better to go to daycare today so that I could spend the day recuperating at home (it wasn’t pretty)…now, we’re all doing much better and getting really excited to start our first post in the FS!


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