Battling moving logistics ….

A week and a half more to go until we leave our soon to be “old” home of Washington DC (ok, fine… we’re leaving the suburbs)!

Are we excited? You bet!
Are we beginning to get stressed out? Uhm…. yeah! I mean, how could you not? [alright …so it’s just me who’s starting to sport that anxious/excited “let’s get organized right now” look]

What’s left for us to do, you ask….well, let’s find out (and, in true organizational fashion, I provide bullet points to satisfy my increasing need to find structure somewhere):

1) figure out what we’re carrying with us. Let me clarify what “carrying with us” means….it means all checked and carry-on items for our flights to NYC and from NYC to Sao Paulo (speak: items we’re carrying with us on multiple planes and on trips to and from airports). In true FS fashion, we will be making use of all of our baggage allowance so for 3 people that means 6 checked items (4 suitcases and 2 boxes), 1 stroller, 1 carseat, 2 backpacks, 1 diaper bag, and a duffle bag, and perhaps a few other miscellaneous items. Note to self: these items need to keep a growing baby and working husband happy, healthy, clean, and well-dressed for the next 2+ months until some of our other possessions make their way south [are you starting to gringe yet?]

2) determine items going to Brazil by air. As was the case for our move from Toronto, we get to pack items that will be literally air-mailed to Brazil so that we get them quicker (about 2 months) than our “household” shipment (which apparently really goes by boat)… for a family of three, we are allowed 600 pounds of stuff (which sounds like an awful lot but remember you need to factor in packaging of all items – a lesson we learned from our first move!). Did I mention that in the case of Brazil, we can essentially only pack clothes and books in this shipment?

3) determine the items we put into storage last summer (oh this seems like years ago) that we would like to be shipped to Brazil along with our remaining household items from DC….without having seen your new place to live yet

Sound like fun or are you starting to get nervous just by reading what we’re about to be doing here?

And finally, there’s the tough, last bullet point…

4) saying “see you soon” to dear friends and family who will be a bit further away from us than what we’re used to…


4 thoughts on “Battling moving logistics ….

  1. One small piece of advice. Put your orders and paperwork in your carry on. It may seem obvious, but I know lots of people who shoved them into their checked baggage, and that baggage got lost.

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