Organized Chaos

…that’s what I am looking at….organized chaos. As you might gather, we organized most of our belongings into the 3 transpot designations and in the course of “organization,” created chaos throughout the apartment. Our cooking utensils are scattered between the kitchen and closet, clothes are in suitcases, closets, and on the floor and everywhere you look, you see an index card indicating how certain items are supposed to be packed. I also came to appreciate our luggage scale as two of our suitcases are weighing in at 48.2 lbs…(here’s a link in case you’re curious:
Overall, it was a good packing weekend – no major breakdowns or arguments and I am beginning to like the “moving every other year” part since it allows me to get rid of things we don’t need or want anymore.

Oh, and in case you ever wonder about some of the DC suburbs and whether they are really “tough” spots, here’s a link to a video that John has repeatedly asked me to post here…enjoy!


One thought on “Organized Chaos

  1. Love that. Very cute. Unfortunately while we were in DC this week (hubby at FSI) we saw a gang beat a man to death on the street by the stadium. We were taking our 2 boys to a DC United soccer game. Luckily we are in Falls Church where it seems a bit safer.

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